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@article{Saini2017AndroidAB, title={Android App Based Vehicle Tracking Using GPS And GSM}, author={Jessica Saini and Mayank Agarwal and Akriti Gupta and R. Manjula}, journal={International Journal of Scientific \& Technology Research}, year={2017}, volume={6}, pages={53-58}, url={}}
  • Jessica Saini, Mayank Agarwal, R. Manjula
  • Published 25 September 2017
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

The project Android App based Vehicle Tracking Using GSM AND GPRS mainly focuses in tracking the location of the vehicle on which the device has been installed, and sends data in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates through SMS to the user’s mobile where the coordinates will be plotted in the Android app automatically.

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9 Citations

Cloud based Vehicle Tracking System
    N. KiranSubham Kumar PandeyMohamed Amir Ahmed AbdallaS. SureshMutaman Amir Ahmed Abdalla

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  • 2021

A cloud-based vehicle tracking system based on the Global Positioning System, Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) modem, and the Raspberry Pi processor board is being developed with the goal of allowing customers to easily and conveniently find their automobiles.

GPS and GSM Based Vehicle Tracking System

This paper gives minute by minute update about vehicle location by sending SMS through GSM modem, which makes good use of popular technology that combines a smartphone with an Arduino UNO and is easy to make and inexpensive compared to others.

  • 32
  • PDF
Vehicle tracking system using GPS technology
    Kismat PradhanYogesh LimbooAnupam RaiAvinash SharmaShirshak Gurung

    Engineering, Computer Science

  • 2018

This study is done on a real-time vehicle tracking system that works using GPS and GSM technology, which would be the easiest and inexpensive source of vehicle tracing.

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  • PDF
Vehicle Tracking and Accident detection system using GPS and GSM
    K. VenkateshN. BharathkumarA. ManikantaKotha Jeevan KumarVasupalli Shanmukharao

    Engineering, Computer Science

  • 2020

The distinctive utility of this project is vehicle fall detection, if the rider falls down from the bike its sends message to registered mobile number and in case of an accident it will sends an alert message through GSM along with location with the help of GPS module.

  • PDF
Smart campus attempt using green transportation mobile-based tracking app
    M. RachmaniahAI SurosoM. SyukurI. HermadiRW PutraMrg Tirani

    Environmental Science, Computer Science

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  • 2020

This study developed a real-time Android-based tracking system, using the V model approach, aimed at green transportation movements and accessibility, and the created mobile app has successfully experimented on Android smartphones.

  • 2
  • PDF
Vehicle Fuel Activities Monitoring System Using IoT
    R. KhatunSabbir Ahmed AntorA. UllahA. Hossain

    Engineering, Environmental Science

    Advances in Internet of Things

  • 2019

The design and development of an IoT and mobile-based vehicle fuel activities such as real time fuel monitoring and GPS tracking system and the proposed device measures the amount of fuel by using ultrasonic fuel sensor are included.

  • 9
  • PDF
Application Development for Real-Time Location Tracking for Underwater Vehicles Using Low-Cost GPS with GSM
    S. SanchanaManjari A.P.B. Jyothi

    Engineering, Environmental Science

    2021 Sixth International Conference on Wireless…

  • 2021

Using a low-cost GPS receiver integrated with GSM service, a friendly user application has been developed using MIT App Inventor 2.0 by pre-defining the boundary position and checking the alert message and call when the user is crossing the boundary.

  • 4
    Oparah Camillus CA. Onyekachi A.Amanze Bethran CAgbasonu V.C

    Computer Science, Engineering

    International Journal of Engineering Applied…

  • 2023

This thesis is providing a solution by development of a deep learning model for profiling and predicting traffic offender’sfocuses on developing a traffic offenders profiling and prediction system using deep learning algorithm to predict the likelihood of an offence to be committed by a road user.

  • PDF
Fuel Monitoring in Bike Vehicles Based on IoT
    Yuvaraj GN. MShiny ALakshmiNarayanan SVinothini ASelva vignesh S M

    Engineering, Environmental Science

    2023 Intelligent Computing and Control for…

  • 2023

The feasibility of automatically dispensing gasoline using a prepaid RFID card using a Raspberry Pi module is explored, and the gasoline bunk management system will be decentralized and need fewer people to operate.

23 References

A New Approach of Automobile Localization System Using GPS and GSM/GPRS Transmission
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  • 2006

The presented application is a low cost solution for automobile position localizing and status, very useful in case of car theft situations, for adolescent drivers watching and monitoring by their parents, as well as in car tracking system application.

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Routing and Tracking System for Mobile Vehicles in Large Area
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A practical model for routing and tracking with mobile vehicle in a large area outdoor environment based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is described.

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A Cost Effective Real-Time Tracking System Prototype Using Integrated GPS/GPRS Module
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A real time tracking system that provides accurate localizations of the tracked vehicle with low cost and information regarding the vehicle status such as speed, mileage is presented.

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Implementation of GPRS-Based Positioning System Using PIC Microcontroller
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The hardware design and implementation of GPRS based positioning system using PIC microcontroller providing the ability to track current position of the vehicle or its position in any specific time and date by analyzing the received data from the GPS receiver is presented.

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Toward real-time precise point positioning: Differential GPS based on IGS ultra rapid product
    Hung-Wei ChenY. ChiangF. ChangHe-Sheng Wang

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  • 2010

This paper presents a differential GPS algorithm that is capable of providing real-time near PPP service and shows that a conventional GPS receiver may also utilize the correction to yield a real- time precise point positioning.

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Design and development of GPS/GSM based vehicle tracking and alert system for commercial inter-city buses
    Paul Benjamin FleischerAtso Yao NelsonR. SowahAppah Bremang

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  • 2012

This paper proposed the design, development and deployment of GPS/GSM based Vehicle Tracking and Alert System which allows inter-city transport companies to track their vehicles in real-time and provides an alert system for reporting armed robbery and accident occurrences.

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Front vehicle tracking using scene analysis
    K. SongChih-Chieh Yang

    Computer Science, Engineering

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  • 2005

Experimental results show that the proposed system successfully tracks front vehicles and provides information of collision warning in urban artery with speed around 60 km/hr both at night and day times.

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Microprocessor and microcontroller
    Unikl Mitec

    Engineering, Computer Science

  • 2016
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Wireless Communication and Networks
    U. Dalal

    Computer Science, Engineering

  • 2015

Owing to its comprehensive coverage of all the relevant topics, including the upcoming areas of wireless communication, the book will also be useful for postgraduate students and practising engineers in the field.

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Ubiquitous GPS vehicle tracking and management system
    Iman M. AlmomaniNour Y. AlkhalilEnas AhmadRania M. Jodeh

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  • 2011

This system can be used in theft prevention as a retrieval device in addition of working as a security system combined with car alarms, and provides a ubiquitous vehicle tracking system with maximum accessibility for the user anytime and anywhere.

  • 102



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