Mongers Nightlife – a Comprehensive Guide to Pattaya Thailand - Pattaya the sin city of Thailand of South Eastern Asia (2024)

Mongers Nightlife – a Comprehensive Guide to Pattaya Thailand - Pattaya the sin city of Thailand of South Eastern Asia (1)The Monger capital of Thailand, Pattaya is a small beach facing city which is developing its wings to boom into a big city. With over 4.4million visitors visiting the location every year, nearly 2/3rd of them, love to explore the nightlife of the city. The place is for the young as well as old, for couples, individuals as well as families. Pattaya is all about enjoying the best phase of your life specifically with all those naughty and impish youth plans in your mind. Check out the info to stay updated about your trip to Pattaya. It will surely bring a 360degree change in your life. Boastings of some of the best Soapy Massage Parlours of Thailian, it is a must for the travellers to get at least one such massage. Standing second after Bangkok, Pattaya houses some of the Thailand’s best nightclubs. In fact, the opening times are later and open after 11pm to offer early morning parties. So, if you want to party hard till morning, the nightclubs of Pattaya welcome you with open arms.

They are basically scattered along Soi’s 7, 8 as well as walking street.

Mongers Nightlife – a Comprehensive Guide to Pattaya Thailand - Pattaya the sin city of Thailand of South Eastern Asia (2)It may be somewhat intimidating for new visitors, but Soi 6 is certainly a place for short time pleasure. A stroll down the street will bring you in action on site. Beach Road. You can surely pick girls for date, night outs and outings. There are several go- go bars in Pattaya which are constantly opening and closing on their own terms. A perfect way to spend late nights with friends! You can enjoy the best co*cktails, beers, wines and assorted range of drinks as per your preference and taste. The Pattaya Beer Bas are popular and possibly more than the ones available in Bangkok. They are basically scattered along Soi’s 7, 8 as well as walking street. With reasonable prices, beer bars are a perfect location to spend night outs with friends. The glowing neon lights signify this famous street of Pattaya on dark nights. It is a perfect entertainment street for night lovers with more than 100 beer bars, 35 go-go bars, discotheque, pubs, cabaret shows, massaging parlour, sports bars, plethora of ethnic restaurants offering delicious Thai cuisine and delectable seafood. With boasting of a large crowd, the place is an authentic one to visit. Those who want some calm time with family or their partner could relax in the Jomtien’s restaurants or bars and enjoy cultural programs like Alankarn. The open- sided bars off host Muay Thai matches for tourist audiences and those who are daring enough can participate also. While your friends may tell you to pack your bags, reach there and search for a hotel. These Pattaya bars are not just good for drinking or picking girls, they offer amazing heart-pounding entertainment too. We will advise you to do that beforehand, rather than wasting our time over these things. It will be good if you search for the cheapest hotels in Pattaya and make your booking online before reaching your destination for an easy and simple stay.

Pattaya – a piece of land on the eastern borders of the Gulf of Thailand. There are activities for the elderly, middle-aged, youngsters and kids, so Pattaya could provide a memorable holiday for your entire family. Pattaya is becoming the tourist hub of Thailand as most of the people from the west love the sunny beaches and travelers from the east like the wonderful climate. The city renders various sightseeing options, touring opportunities and of course comfortable and affordable hotels in Pattaya for luxury accommodation. The city is naturally a resort town, a beach bliss, a cultural hub, a kids paradise and in total a heaven on earth. 1. Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm – the stone carvings and the sculptures are designed with an innovative artistic view. The park is wonderfully landscaped, green blanket lawns covering the soil, picturesque lake with eels and colorful fishes, a number of bonsai trees and plants, amazing fountains and nice walkways.

The crocodile farm shelters a lot of crocodile species, ostriches, white Bengal tigers, elephants, deer, bears and many birds too. Your eyeballs will wide open when you see a zoo keeper letting his head into the croc’s mouth. Feed the crocodiles and tigers, and watch animal shows especially the spider show. 2. Elephant trekking tours – this is one of the trademark activities in Thailand. Explore the jungle and village by riding on an elephant. This will entertain all your family members, even your kids will love this tour. Get close to these lovely creatures, have pictures when you are riding them or bathing them and add those in your album of memories. You can hand feed the elephants after your trekking sessions and can even bathe them in the river. The villages could also provide a budget thailand hotels to stay in the countryside if you are keen about learning the local culture and tradition.

3. Beaches – for which the city is actually famous for. Most of the tourists occupy with their family in the Pattaya hotels on the Jomtien Beach road. The sea shores are perfectly lined by the palm trees and restaurants. You can buy a refreshing drink, lean along the trunk of the palm trees or park yourself peacefully under the shade huts and enjoy your drink. The Pattaya (Main Page) Beach is the most crowded one – lots of seafood restaurants are there, boat rides, cruising, night partying are the other fun stuffs to take part. Quiet beaches are indeed there in Pattaya – the Wong Amat Beach and the Tawaen Beach where you can also find a nice cheap Pattaya resorts to stay with your family. This temple is a famous religious site in Pattaya with many Buddha statues all around the temple complex. The huge Buddha sculpture in the middle of the temple is the highlight and worships are made in front of this statue. 4. Wat Phra Yai Temple – calm, clean and pure. Most of the famous hotels in Pattaya are found close to the temple.


Mongers Nightlife – a Comprehensive Guide to Pattaya Thailand - Pattaya the sin city of Thailand of South Eastern Asia (2024)
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