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There’s something to be said about taking advantage of the current moment.

Any time there’s some sort of crack down or raid in any of the Red Light Areas in Bangkok or Pattaya, people freak out and think it will all change for the worse overnight.

That’s ridiculous.

It’s not feasible. The people in charge know such a rapid change would be massively damaging to the entire tourism sector.

Can you imagine if Walking Street or Soi Cowboywere to be shut down overnight?

It would be all over the news, people would cancel their vacations and go elsewhere.

People would complain, there would be a massive uproar.

Similar to the frog that will jump out if you put it into boiling water. But if you put the frog in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

Clean up the sidewalks here, remove street bars there. Shorten closing times by an hour …

It’s those little changes that mostly go unnoticed, nobody complains about that over time will change the landscape of the pay for play scene in Thailand.

The big changes are often only temporary and publicity stunts. It’s those small things that tend to stick …

Am I saying that Thailand won’t be
worth a visit anytime soon?

No, of course not but unfortunately Thailand isn’t wine that does get better over time.

Any Thailand veteran will tell you that everything used to be better, cheaper, more fun a few years or a decade ago. Guess what, you’re probably going to say the same thing about today a year from now.

One unfortunate thing that does happens is Westernization. I’m not a fan. I didn’t come to Thailand to see a Hooters in the middle of the Nana Red Light District.

Some things you have to accept, or stay home altogether. It’s way more expensive than years ago.

OK – but what’s your alternative? Staying at home?

There’s something I’ve noticed here on my channel that I find a bit worrying. It’s people watching my videos but never actually taking the plunge and going to Thailand.

For some it might be impossible due to financial reasons. Others think it’s this big deal and postpone it indefinitely.

If you’re one of those people, then consider this. Maybe Thailand isn’t as pure and perfect as it used to be years ago. Maybe girls are more entitled & expensive.

That may very well be true. Regardless, there will be a time when you’ll regret not having gone.

Every week, I get a few emails from guys that are in their mid-sixties telling me that they enjoy my videos and how they don’t know if they’ll ever make it to Thailand. Money isn’t the obstacle and neither is it time. It’s their health …

Then there people such as my friends back home. One of my long-term friends keeps saying how he will go to Thailand year after year – and this is a guy that would benefit the most.

A guy that doesn’t get laid, has close to zero experience with women and hasn’t never left the bubble he’s living in.

For him, it’s the excuses,

  • ‘It’s too complicated.’
  • ‘I have nobody to go with.’
  • ‘People will judge me ’cause they know I’ll go there to have sex.’

For others, their excuse is legitimate. They might want to go but are in poor health.

What most don’t realize is that taking such a trip, there’s no way you can lose. The only way to lose is by inaction.

Worst case scenario, you’ve wasted a few thousand to see a country you didn’t like with girls you didn’t have fun with.

2, 3000 USD spent might feel like a lot in the moment, but in the grand scheme of things, over the course of your life, it’s nothing. Peanuts.

Plus, you never know what happens.

Each trip is like peeling another
layer of an onion.

The first time you visit Thailand, you might be all about just getting laid … maybe to get that validation & attention you never had before … and you’re cured from your neediness because you experience first-hand that supply is endless.

Even when you’re back home, you still feel abundant because you know “IT” is still there.

Then on your second trip you might realize that while women and partying every day is nice, there’s still something missing and so you look for that.

Whatever that might be – deeper relationships, or a hobby, or business you enjoy – and the whole getting laid become a part of your life rather than your main objective.

Most importantly, you come to that realization now and not at the evening of life.

Random people you’ll meet along the way that will change the direction of your life in subtle and not so subtle ways, or simply alter your perspective on things.

What if I told you that EVERY SINGLE Dollar I have ever spent in Thailand was paid for because of a random guy I met one night?

It’s true.

Thailand isn’t just f*cking and getting wasted. Okay, it’s that too, but it can also be the best investment you’ll ever make.

So, maybe if you belong to those that keep watching video after video … maybe, just maybe it’s about time to make plans and actually go there yourself.

Mongering in Thailand UPDATED - Play While You Still Can! • KINGEPIC.COM (2024)
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