Mom's Crockpot Chili Recipe (2024)

This Crockpot or Slow Cooker Chili is going to change your life. It is so simple to make, smells absolutely amazing all day long as it cooks, and is so easy. You will love this simple Chili recipe.

Mom's Crockpot Chili Recipe (1)

Although I hated chili growing up, I LOVE this Mom’s Crockpot Chili Recipe.

It is so good and perfect for fall and winter. Every year on Halloween since I can remember, my mom would make this Crockpot Chili. We couldn’t go trick or treating until our entire bowl was gone.

When I was younger, I didn’t always love it (mostly because I was so eager to fill up on candy), but now that I am grown up, it has got to be one of my favorite dinners.

It is so easy to make and tastes absolutely amazing. It only takes a few minutes to throw together, and you can leave it cooking in your Crockpot or Slow Cooker the rest of the day.

What to serve with Mom’s Crockpot Chili?

I love soup, but I also love the side dishes, and bread that we serve with soup. If you need a few ideas of what to serve this soup with, here is what we recommend:

  • Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread: We love this bread. It is exactly what it says it is, EASY. It is delicious.
  • 30 Minute Dinner Rolls: These rolls are so fast, and practically fail proof. Spread a little butter on them, and get dipping them in your soup.
  • Italian Fresh Green Salad:This fresh Italian salad, makes the perfect side dish and is so simple to throw together.
  • Sweet Cornbread: Nothing warms the soul better than some soup and corn bread. You will love this home style combination and all the amazing flavor.

Really any bread or soup pairing would be perfect for this recipe. It’s simple, delicious, and they both taste great with a hearty soup, such as this one.

How can I make this Chili more spicy?

My husband is a huge fan of spicy food. Myself, on the other hand, isn’t quite as big as a spicy food fan. This Slow Cooker Chili is so easy to make and tastes absolutely amazing, but my husband prefers a little kick to it.

Here is what we recommend adding:

  • Chopped jalapeño (you could also use canned).
  • Cumin or cayenne pepper
  • Red pepper flakes

We love homemade Chili! Try our Slow Cooker Texas Chili and our Instant Pot Cream Cheese Chili!

Mom's Crockpot Chili Recipe (2)

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Mom's Crockpot Chili Recipe (4)

Serves: 8

Mom’s Crockpot Chili Recipe

This Crockpot or Slow Cooker Chili is going to change your life. It is so simple to make, smells absolutely amazing all day long as it cooks, and is so easy.

Prep Time 10 minutes mins

Cook Time 6 hours hrs

Total Time 6 hours hrs 10 minutes mins



  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 onion diced
  • 3-4 stalks celery diced
  • 15 ounces dark red kidney beans rinsed and drained
  • 1.25 ounces chili seasoning package
  • 28 ounces diced tomatoes
  • 8 ounces tomato sauce
  • ¼ cup ketchup
  • 1 Tablespoon sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce


  • Cook hamburger and onion together until hamburger is browned all the way through. Drain grease. Then add to crockpot.

  • Add all remaining ingredients together in crockpot.

  • Cook on High for 3 hours or low for about 6 hours.

  • Pour into bowls. We like to add cheese and corn chips on top.


Calories: 271 kcal · Carbohydrates: 26 g · Protein: 16 g · Fat: 12 g · Saturated Fat: 5 g · Trans Fat: 1 g · Cholesterol: 40 mg · Sodium: 302 mg · Potassium: 848 mg · Fiber: 7 g · Sugar: 8 g · Vitamin A: 2528 IU · Vitamin C: 14 mg · Calcium: 82 mg · Iron: 5 mg


  • Slow Cooker

  • Frying pan

Recipe Details

Course: Main Course, Soup

Cuisine: American

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  1. KDC says:

    How many servings does this make?

  2. Michele says:

    Definitely 6 servings when I made it- maybe more depending on how much you put in each bowl.

  3. ba8888ec-397f-11e2-b45c-000bcdcb8a73 says:

    How much tomato sauce does this recipe require?

  4. Camille says:

    1 8 oz can!

  5. Tara says:

    Do you drain the diced tomatoes and or kidney beans??

  6. Cyd says:

    Do not drain the tomatoes - that is part of your liquid. Drain the kidney beans. I even rinse them off in the can and drain again.

  7. Chrissy says:

    This is a great base recipe for chili, just needs lots more seasonings! I like to add lots of garlic, some hot Mexican chili powder, a bit of salt, and cayenne pepper! Perfecto :)

  8. Mary J Danner says:

    Can the celery be omitted without changing the taste?

  9. Momma Cyd says:

    You can definitely leave out the celery!

Mom's Crockpot Chili Recipe (5)

About The Author:

Momma Cyd

Cyd is the mom of the six sisters and joined the team early on to help out. She shares the best of the best recipes from her kitchen.

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Mom's Crockpot Chili Recipe (2024)


How long can you leave chili in a crockpot on low? ›

The tomatoes contain sugar, which caramelizes in the slow cooker, and will eventually burn if it cookes for too long. Anything longer than 10 hours on low is risky.

Can you put raw ground beef in a slow cooker? ›

Absolutely, which is why you should always adjust times and amounts as needed. Smaller amounts of slow cooker hamburger only need a few hours before they are done.

Does chili taste better in the crockpot? ›

Sure, there are plenty of other amazing chili recipes that are cooked on the stovetop, like beef and bean chili or white chicken chili. However, many of the ingredients in traditional chili (like onions and garlic) and dried spices (like chili powder and cumin) develop excellent flavor thanks to low-and-slow cooking.

Why does my crockpot chili taste bland? ›

Insufficient seasoning, such as chili powder, cumin, paprika, and salt, can lead to bland chili. Chili relies on a combination of spices and seasonings for its distinctive flavor. Be sure to taste your chili during the cooking process and adjust the seasonings as needed.

Is it OK to leave crockpot on low overnight? ›

Yes, it's safe to leave a slow cooker on when you leave the house. The purpose of a slow cooker is to allow you to cook while you aren't home. Slow cookers simmer food slowly, killing bacteria and raising meat to the perfect internal temperature.

Is it safe to leave chili in a crockpot on warm overnight? ›

Most appliances will automatically shut off after 20 or so hours on this setting, but you shouldn't leave food in a slow cooker for an extended length of time. The general rule of thumb is that 2-4 hours is the maximum length of time you can leave food in a slow cooker on warm.

What happens if you don't brown meat for chili? ›

For those with this question in the future, the answer summed up: browning adds more flavor. Not browning the beef beforehand results in greasy chili and boiled mushy yucky beef.

Why is my ground beef still pink in the crockpot? ›

Ground beef can be pink inside after it is safely cooked. The pink color can be due to a reaction between the oven heat and myoglobin, which causes a red or pink color. It can also occur when vegetables containing nitrites are cooked along with the meat.

Do I have to brown meat for chili? ›

Raw meat and pot of chili are two things that just don't belong together. If the recipe includes any type of ground meat, bacon, chorizo, or cubes of beef, it should always be browned first. Try this: The first order of business before adding anything else to the pot is to brown any meat in your recipe.

What is the secret to really good chili? ›

Only Add Flavorful Liquids

Instead of adding water to your chili, add some more flavor with chicken or beef broth, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, or even beet or wine. Each one of these options brings out different notes and levels of sweetness that will enhance your culinary creation.

What adds the most flavor to chili? ›

Try a little fenugreek, turmeric, garam masala, or sumac to layer in more complex flavors. Smoky paprika is my own personal favorite. Squash, pumpkin, or sweet potato: Traditionalists would scoff, but soft chunks of slightly sweet butternut squash or sweet potato are delicious in a smoky chili.

How do you make chili a deeper flavor? ›

If you want more of a smoky flavor, add cumin, Spanish paprika, ancho chili powder, or a combination. If you are looking for more heat, add cayenne, crushed red pepper, or Hungarian paprika. If it's too spicy add a little brown sugar and some sweet paprika.

What not to put in chili? ›

Beans and non-vegetable fillers such as rice and pasta are not allowed." If that sounds a bit uptight, the ICS's Homestyle Chili competition defines chili as: "any kind of meat, or combination of meats, and/or vegetables cooked with beans, chili peppers, various spices, and other ingredients.

Should I cook onions before putting in chili? ›

Sautéing onions, garlic, and other veggies first coaxes maximum flavor out of them. So make sure your onions, for example, are soft and translucent before you add your liquid.

What does tomato paste do for chili? ›

The tomato paste adds color and rich flavor to our chili. Now we have our flavorful base, you are going to finish the chili with pureed tomatoes, beef broth (or chicken broth), and beans. Beans make this chili hearty — I like pinto beans or kidney beans.

Can I leave chili in crockpot on low overnight? ›

'” So here's the verdict when it comes to chili food safety: You can leave it in the slow cooker for hours after it's done cooking if the cooker is set to the “low” or “keep warm” setting.

Can I leave my crockpot on low for 12 hours? ›

People do this all the time, but many aren't truly confident that it's 100 percent safe — I, for one, am one of those people. So I did a little digging to get the hard facts. The truth is, yes, leaving the slow cooker on and going about your day is safe, as long as you are using the appliance properly.

Can you cook chili on low for 8 hours? ›

The Best Way to Cook Chili:

The low and slow cooking process melds the flavors of the chili seasoning into every bite and the beef becomes so tender, juicy, and irresistible. You can slow cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high heat for 3-4 hours.

How long can chili simmer on low? ›

Add beans, pepper/celery/onion mixture, garlic, and all seasonings to pot and stir. Cover and reduce heat to lowest setting. Cook over low heat for at least four hours or up to 8 hours. In final hour of cooking remove cover and increase heat slightly to reduce liquid.

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