Best Super Bowl Party Ideas (2024)

Did you know the Super Bowl is not only the most-watched broadcast in the United States but is also televised in over 130 countries and 30 different languages? You could say it’s kind of a big deal!

The big game’s massive popularity makes it an obvious choice for bringing teams closer together. An in-person or virtual pre-game mixer or watch party is an excellent opportunity for employees to unwind from work, engage in friendly competition, and get to know their coworkers.

Regardless of what you have planned for the big day, we’re here to help you turn this year’s super bowl into a memorable experience for friends, family, and team members. Below are ten simple Super Bowl party ideas to help you get started!

Super Bowl Bingo

Got a competitive bunch you need to keep entertained during a commercial break? Try super bowl bingo. Custom bingo sheets with squares like “touchdown,” “field goal,” “interception,” and “penalty flag” will keep your friends on the edge of their seats throughout the game. Whoever calls bingo before the end of the game takes home the win!

Paper Football Matchup

Remember those paper footballs you used to make in school? It’s time to bring ‘em back for a competitive paper football match. All you need to do is make a paper football and try to launch yours through your opponent's goalposts (aka, fingers). For even more drama, draw up a tournament bracket and encourage your attendees to come up with creative team names. It might even become a yearly tradition as everyone tries to dethrone the champ!

Football Trivia

Do your party people know their football? There’s only one way to find out. Get everyone warmed up for the game by asking the group a few trivia questions you found online – bonus points if they’re relevant to the teams they’re about to watch! Don't forget to track how many each person gets right and surprise the winner with a prize at the end.


If the weather permits, cornhole is an easy, entertaining Super Bowl party idea that will get the crowd pumped and ready for an exciting game.

Rate that Commercial

Print out signs with numbers 1–5 and give them to everyone at the party. After each commercial, everyone shares their rating of the commercial. Encourage partygoers to share their favorite commercials from past Super Bowls as well! This makes a great office Super Bowl party idea since it includes everyone, even if they aren’t huge football fans.

Touchdown Dance-Off

Hanging out with your coworkers for a virtual Super Bowl party? The best way to pump up the party and get everyone in a good mood is with a dance-off! Every time there’s a touchdown, the whole zoom screen will fill with fun and funky dance moves you’ve never seen before.

Name that Super Bowl

Looking for a fun office Super Bowl party idea leading up to game day? If you have a group obsessed with football, there’s only one way to test their football knowledge. After every call or meeting, you can share old highlights from past super bowls. Your team will have 30 seconds to guess which Super Bowl the clip is from. Whoever gets it right wins!

A Tasting Party

One of the best parts about Super Bowl Sunday is all the snacks! Before the game gets started, bring your friends and family together for an interactive big-game food tasting party. Everyone can rate their favorites, try new flavors, and get pumped for the delicious snacks they are about to enjoy throughout the game.

Super Bowl Cookie Decorating

An all-inclusive office Super Bowl party idea! Invite your team to take on the ultimate decorating competition. Together, they’ll learn how to decorate their own Super Bowl cookies that they can bring to their own Super Bowl get-togethers. Everyone will receive a kit filled with everything they need to decorate from the comfort of their home.

Game Day Drinking Game

Before the game starts, set general rules like, “Take a sip every time there is a penalty flag or a touchdown.” This will get everyone to pay attention to the plays and keep them engaged.

Pro Tip: Only have beer and seltzers at your Super Bowl party to avoid any party fouls!

FAQ: Getting Ready for Game Day

Can I have a Super Bowl party at my apartment?

Before you invite all your friends, family, or team members over for the night, you’ll want to ensure you have adequate space. Will everyone have a comfy seat? Is the TV big enough for everyone to see? Is there room to socialize, mingle, or move around? If your space is too small, consider hosting a virtual Super Bowl party or only inviting a few friends over. Comfort is key!

How big does my TV need to be?

If you’re inviting 20 people over to your house, you’ll want at least 45 inches. Smaller screens will be difficult for a large group to see from a distance, which can make the space feel cramped.

What food do I bring to an office Super Bowl party?

If you’re hanging out with your team on the big day, the last thing you want to do is show up empty-handed. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, grab some chips and dip! If you want to test your skills in the kitchen, consider fun game-day dishes like buffalo chicken dip, jalapeno poppers, or guacamole.

If it’s a big group in the office, consider creating a signup page so you’ll know what everyone is bringing.

I can’t wait to throw a party, but I don’t want to make a mess. What should I do?

Always use paper plates, plastic silverware, and plastic cups on game day. Cleaning up after the party will be a breeze if you buy disposable items. Also, consider investing in a table cover (bonus points if it’s football themed!) so you don’t need to worry about stains or spills.

Explore Super Bowl Party Ideas

Are you as pumped as we are for the big game? With any of these virtual or in-person activities, you can ensure a fun and memorable experience for your friends, family, and coworkers.

If you’re looking for fun and interactive virtual experiences you can use leading up to game day, you’ve come to the right place. At Elevent, we have everything you need to keep your team engaged and entertained.

Start exploring our selection of virtual experiences to get started.

Originally published at Jan 20 2023, 10:18:00 AM. Updated on Apr 4 2023.

Best Super Bowl Party Ideas (2024)
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