Best 2024 Super Bowl commercials: Ranking the ads (2024)

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Super Bowl commercials seem to be on the rebound the past few years. From that 2017-2020-ish period, we had a few too many way-too-serious, overly long, safe and boring ones to remind us of things we don’t need help remembering, etc. But, nothing beats a great Super Bowl commercial, and these commercials — and I’m not being dramatic here — might be the best group yet.


Jump in the comments below to talk about your favorite, most-hated or where Jake is way wrong.

A couple quick notes on the criteria:

  • I skipped most of the same ol’ (non-funny) car commercials, banking, and such… it was pointless and they weren’t coming anywhere close to the Top 10… or 20.
  • This story will be updated throughout Sunday night, as more commercials are aired.
  • Movie trailers don’t count. That’s a different category entirely and they’d dominate.

As for the rankings…

Best Super Bowl commercials 2024

1. Paramount+: Mountain of Entertainment

Patrick Stewart saying, “Throw the child,” and “Shut your face!” was as good as the Creed appearance and Knuckles chiming in. But this was all capped by Stewart singing, “I just threw him higher!”

2. State Farm: Like a Good Neighbaaa

Aaarnold Schwarzenegger in his best role since True Lies.

3. BetMGM: Tom has Won Enough

Gotta be honest. Vince Vaughn makes this for me… well, and the babysitter. I’ve seen a lot of people really dislike these. I’m a fan (and no, not because, full disclosure, they’re our partners here. Jakey DGAF. It’s a funny comercial.)

4. Dunkin’ Donuts: Dunkings, Ben Affleck

The wait was worth it! Amazing. I want the jacket! “How do you like them donuts?”

“Who is TikTok?” Self-deprecating celebrities will always score humor points with me.

5. Skechers: No, Mr. T

Mr. T insisting “T” is in Skechers was fun, and funny, especially because I, too, would spell Skechers with a T.

6. NERDS Gummy Clusters

What a feeeeeeellllllling! The Flashdance spot. Plus, the fact that this is the best candy ever invented, and it’s finally getting its due with a commercial. It all overcomes the random, not-needed, sigh-inducing spot from Addison Rae.

7. CeraVe: I am Cera… Ve

Maybe I just find him funny, but this commercial made me chuckle out loud.

8. T-Mobile: Home Internet Feeling

Just when I was getting a bit tired of the T-Mobile commercials, they pulled me back in with Jason Mamoa singing. Two Flashdance references?!

9. Popeyes: The Wait is Over

The, “What the $%@#?!” at the self-driving car got me, I’ll admit.

10. M&M’s: Almost Champions

Sorry runner-ups, but I got a kick out of this one — and hey, this 12-time runner-up in FSWA awards (I’m not bitter!) is going to want one of those rings!

11. Frito-Lay: Taste the Victory

Marshawn Lynch is an automatic win.

12. BMW: Talkin Like Walken

This one has a special place for me, as I always wished I could do a Walken impression… but never could (Kevin Pollak, though…).

13. Stok Coffee: Wrex

I’m a big Anthony Hopkins fan, and to see him play — well, lend his voice to — Wrex; it was great.

14. Pluto TV: Couch Potato

More amusing than our streaming services cost these days.

15. Hellmann’s: Mayo Cat

I find this one pretty amusing, mainly on the fact that so many people think a random “meow” is their cat talking — Pete Davidson getting dumped again gets bonus points.

16. Michelob ULTRA: Superior Beach

Messi and Ted Lasso together! Oh yea, Dan Marino too.

17. Budweiser: Old School Delivery

The Clydesdales and THE DOG are back! Here just for the classicness of it.

18. Uber Eats: Don’t Forget

“Friends” callback, Usher, Jelly Roll, “Did someone doodle on my face?!” and even the Beckhams make this a fun commercial. I have a feeling this will be ranked higher by most people just because of the huge amount of celebrity here.

19. Bud Light: Genie

I mean, who hasn’t ever… wished… they could find a genie to grant wishes?

20. Mountain Dew: Having a Blast

I chuckled, but this would have been rather low on the list if not for Nick Offerman. “Parks and Rec” reunion!!

21. Doritos: Dina & Mita

My friends laughed harder at my lame joke that this would be a future “Fast and Furious” movie. And as you can see, my joke wasn’t that great.

22. Kawasaki: Mullets

Stone Cold and a turtle with a mullet FTW! (… or F2P — For 21st Place)

23. Drumstick: Doctor on the Plane

I laughed — and yet, I’m not completely sure why I did. But hey, funny?

24. Oikos: Hold My Oikos

Martin Lawrence is still pretty funny… maybe even better than he was in the “Bad Boys” sequel/reboot.

25. Silk: I Feel Good

Enjoyed seeing Jeremy Renner back — and with the reference to his injury… and Hawkeye.


E*TRADE: Picklebabies

Feels just like me… late to the pickleball craze.

DraftKings: Kevin Hart

All depends on if you still are amused by Kevin Hart.

BIC: EZ Reach Lighter

Not sure if you know, but Willie Nelson smokes weed…

Etsy: Gift Mode

What do the French like? Cheese!!

Verizon: Beyonce Breaks the Internet

I mean, I guess she technically did because everyone wondered if she is really dropping new music. Tina Fey whoever she wants to be

Bigfoot part a tad amusing. That’s all.

BodyArmor: Field of Fake

Look out for those future BodyArmor color Super Bowl bets… probably not.

Miller Lite: Running of the Beer Ads

Wait, so you can be an ad? Or, Rob Riggle has a QR code for us to scan? Or?

Starry: It’s Time to See Other Sodas

Are there people who choose Starry over Sprite? Are there people who saw this and said, “Yes! I was hoping to see Ice Spice in a commercial!”? Maybe I’m just old, and this isn’t for me (I prefer co*ke Zero to anything anyway). But points for cool cartoon mascots! Oh, and wouldn’t the Starry mascot be tasting Sprite from the guy’s head??


Coors Light: Chill Train

The shot at Corona was kinda funny, but even LL Cool J at the end couldn’t make this Top 10. Or 20. Orrrrr 25?


Please stop this now.

Squarespace: Hello Down There

Stop looking at our phones/devices? Or, alien want to be friends? Or, we should use our devices to communicate on Squarespace? Even with a Martin Scorsese length for a commercial, this one didn’t land for me.

OREO: Twist


Lindt LINDOR: Life is a Ball

Chocolate. Whatever. Also, Baci and Ferrero Rocher are also balls — LINDOR is doing their work for them!

Assorted Fun Miscellany

IF: Movie

Normally, I don’t include movies or TV shows, but The Office callback. The time and quality investment is terrific!

Dawn: Wash Party

Did you enter yet? I’ll take a watch party with JJ Watt even without the million dollars!

Pringles: Mr. P

I mean, Chris Pratt has played nearly everything to this point anyway.

Kinda funny.

e.l.f. Cosmetics: You’ve been Summoned

Even the Suits cast couldn’t save this one… though, it seems they’re saving more for later with the “summoned.” And, unless Harvey and Mike show up, I’m still meh on it.

And meh. Suits characters did not save this one.

Inspirational/Feel Good/Warm and Fuzzy
— some really good ones this year! —

Kia: Perfect 10

Heart strings… tugged!

Cetaphil: #GameTimeGlow

We joke about the insane attention Kelce+Swift get, but let’s be honest, Taylor Swift is good for the viewership and especially #GirlDads. Kia and this are Top 10 quality.

Also, there seem to allegations flung at Cetaphil — between when this came out on YouTube and the Super Bowl — aaannd they seem to hold some weight via this tweet/link.

Dove: Hard Knocks

Great message.

Care for others. Simple.

Google Pixel: Javier in Frame

That’s some pretty cool technology.

Volkswagen: An American Love Story

They missed a huge chance to have Herbie fall in love!

(Top photo via State Farm)

Best 2024 Super Bowl commercials: Ranking the ads (2024)
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