Bangkok Freelancers, A Monger's First Trip to Thailand (2024)

As I was staying at Sukhumvit road near nana plaza, I came out of the hotel and went straight to nana plaza to check out the Bangkok Freelancers. Then I decided to just have a look at the street near hotels like Hyatt and Marriott.

Nana Plaza and Bangkok Freelancers

I saw a couple of really beauty birdies. But when I approached them I realized that most of them are ladyboys. One can easily identify them as all were overreacting and trying to be a female, which they are not. Their high desperation to get the client for the night, which is another indication that they are not female. Anyway, I came back to Soi 4 to check out the Bangkok Freelancers. As I was about to enter into nana plaza, I saw a young beauty just opposite standing at the Nana Hotel sign.

Bangkok Freelancers, A Monger's First Trip to Thailand (1)

I could not resist and went to her and asked. How much? And how lucky I am? She replied “Yes 1500 Baht”. Oh boy. I immediately asked how much for the night? She said 5000 Baht. It was about 11 PM. I cracked the deal done and then we moved ahead to my hotel. We were able to reach my room and nobody stopped us.

Inside the Hotel Room

When we were into my room I asked her about protection she smiled and said open the minibar. There was a pack of 2 condoms in the minibar. She said. Most of these hotels provide condoms in the minibar for Bangkok Freelancers.

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We had some generic conversation that breaks the ice between us. Now, she is more open to me. She told me that she is 22 but my experience said she must be 26 or 28 something like that. She was wearing a mini skirt. I told her to go get a shower and dress up in the same skirt. I told her about my fantasy that I always wanted to lick a girl into her skirt while standing.

We Tried Everything!

She was following orders, and then, the next 6 to 7 hours, I spent in heaven. She got a perfectly nice body. Smooth like silk. Not even a single hair anywhere. Her kitty was like perfectly placed two buns on top of each other and a small pink hole in between them. Ohh boy I can’t express more. f*cked her hard till I got tired. Tried around 4 to 5 different positions. And ended in doggy.

The next day, as agreed I paid her 5000 Baht. I wanted her to spend the next entire day with me but she told me she can’t stop as she has to pay her college fee. Then she left the hotel. I spent my entire day into my room just sleeping.

Another Day. Another Girl.

The following night I headed towards Soi 5 or Soi 6. I wanted to check out the Best blowj*b Bars in Bangkok, but after spending some time, I realized the crowd at nana plaza is quite happening and much better. So it was about 12AM, and I start heading towards nana plaza for some more Bangkok Freelancers.

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After roaming around for some time, I met a MILF. She was quite sexy, slightly cubby. A handful of boobs and ass that is perfectly in shape. I discussed the price and after bargaining, we headed towards my hotel.

I had a similar ice-breaking conversation with her and realized she is a single mother and has a 9-month old baby. She is doing this for her baby, and I was like, this has to be a gold mine!

Milk, Milk, Milk.

She washed up and came in a towel. We headed straight into bed. Then I started kissing her neck, earlobes, and lips. Oh boy, I never had such a smooth kiss in my life. Then I started sucking her boobies. I can’t explain the experience guys. She had those cartons full of sweet and salty milk. I sucked her milk for the next 15 to 20 minutes and she was making all these amazing erotic sounds. It was amazing.

We tried 69, WOT, miss, doggy and a lot more. We did almost everything I have ever wanted to do with a girl. Later I released my load on her face. Which she cleaned from her hand and licked her hands.

Bangkok Freelancers, A Monger's First Trip to Thailand (4)

When she dressed up again. I requested to taste her milk cartons once again. She smiled and allowed me to do so. Then I took another round of 15 to 20 minutes to suck her milk.

Going to Bangkok has to be one of the best and most memorable trips of my life. As a single guy that found it difficult to get girls and get laid, this Bangkok trip has changed the way I think about freelancers and mongering. I look forward to a lot more trips to Bangkok and Thailand in the future. I hope you guys have fun too. If it wasn’t for videos on Youtube, I would have never known What to Pay Freelancers in Bangkok.

Bangkok Freelancers, A Monger's First Trip to Thailand (2024)
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