Bangkok for 3 Days - The Best Itinerary for Punters and Mongers! (2024)

We all know that Bangkok is the ultimate place to be if you are a punter but not everyone knows how to travel around Bangkok for 3 days. I know that you have a budget and it’s absolutely important that you try to find the best and most cost-effective solution to plan your trip. Ideally, what I tell everyone is that if you truly want to enjoy everything Bangkok has to offer, you need to spend 3-5 days here. Please be advised that this would be a packed itinerary so depending on your age, I would stay, take your own time to understand how you want to pace yourself. Let me try to break Bangkok for 3 days down for you.

I’ve known people that have lived in Bangkok for a while and this entire travel plan to find out how many days Bangkok should last for you is keeping in mind that you get the best experience as how a local would tell you. This plan will include all the popular jaunts, skybars, gogo bars and more. I’ve tried to compile the best deals for you so when you come to Bangkok, you know what to expect.

DAY 1 – Bangkok for 3 Days Itinerary


If you continue reading this blog, I will cover where to stay in Bangkok for 3 days, but in general, I recommend staying in the middle of the city, which is located along Sukhumvit Road. Check out my list of Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels to help you out. If you’re planning on doing so, head to Central World after breakfast (the BTS stop is known as Chitlom). Central World used to be the world’s largest mall, and it was the world’s second-most Instagrammed location on Instagram a couple of years ago. It’s insane. You can stroll outside and reach Pratunam Pier, where you can board the western bound canal boat to Panfa Leelard Pier, the terminus station. This is an entire adventure in and of itself! You do not purchase a ticket; instead, you simply get on it, and later a conductor will collect their fare.

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The fare is around 12 Baht and the boat will take you to the city’s northwestern outskirts. From a canal-level vantage point, you can glimpse the real sights of Bangkok for 3 days. And it’s extremely enlightening. When you arrive at Panfa Leelar Pier, get out and you’ll be less than a 10-minute walk from Wat Saket, also known as the very popular Golden Mount.

Wat Saket is a Buddhist temple that dates back approximately 300 years and is located on a steep hill. The entrance charge is only 50 Baht. Getting to the Golden Mount (the large Golden Chedi atop the hill) currently requires 318 stairs, but you may take your time and enjoy the views of Bangkok. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you are in this location at night, I promise you the skyline is absolutely beautiful.

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By the time you’ve maneuvered your way across the canal, gone to the top of the Golden Mount, seen the museum, and returned, you’ll be exhausted. It’ll be close to lunchtime, so you may spend the rest of the afternoon anyway you choose. After Wat Saket, you should go to the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho (the reclining Buddha), and possibly Wat Arun. In addition, you should have lunch on the Chao Phraya river, either at ‘The Deck’ or, for a bit more money, Sala Rattanakosin. The best way to get around, in my opinion, is to visit Wat Pho first, and then walk 5 minutes to the lunch spots. After eating, take a tuk-tuk or walk to the Grand Palace.

Do not forget, you must dress nicely for all of these locations, so now you must never wear a vest, no exposed shoulders, and make sure your knees are covered as well. You’ll very certainly have been templed out by this point! I would be, but don’t worry, it’s all leisure time after that.


By evening, you’ve should be at Khao San Road, the backpacker’s haven! So it would be remiss of me not to investigate what all the hoopla is about. It’s around a 15/20 minute walk from Wat Phra Kaew. Khao San is a weird place, with people selling you drugs, tattooing you, and dreading/braiding your hair. On the street, cheap beers or buckets, and it only gets crazier as the sun sets down. If it all becomes too much, Rambutrri Street, just around the corner, is akin to Khao San, so if you need to get away, that’s the place to go.

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You can go shopping or have a smoothie from this point, depending on your time. At this time make sure you’ve reserved a table at the world’s most famous street food, which is a 15-minute stroll from Khao San Road at Jai Fai. Because the old lady here has certification for her street food omelets, you’ll have to wait over an hour if you don’t make a reservation. The omelets still cost an almost ridiculous $20-$30, but it’s a world-famous restaurant, so it’s understandable. If you’re on a budget, check out Tip Simai 2 door down in Jai Fai. Apparently, this is ‘Bangkok’s best pad thai,’ and I can vouch for its taste.


After a wholesome meal, either return to Khao San for a cheap night out, or take a taxi to China Town (Yarowat Street) for a more upscale experience. It’s only around 10 minutes away, yet it’s home to some of the city’s best bars. I’d go to Tep Bar, Teens of Thailand, and Smalls for a pub crawl. Maggie Choos is open late if you still want to rage!

Day 2 – Bangkok for 3 Days Itinerary


It’s time to shake off last night’s hangover and visit Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s counterpart to Central Park! A large green space in the heart of Bangkok that serves as a fitness center for thousands of people every day. The famed Monitor Lizards live there as well, but don’t worry, they’re not violent. I’ll see you all around 8 a.m. on the park’s running track, which is just shy of 3 kilometers long. If you’re not a runner, grabbing a coffee in the morning or around twilight and watching the world go by while escaping Bangkok’s typical mayhem is also a wonderful way to pass the time. After checking out the park, head on over to Siam. You can take the BTS or a taxi to get there.

Siam is the shopping capital of Thailand. MBK is the most well-known mall, where you may find Thai trinkets amidst the imitation Rolex watches and Bluray discs. If you’re looking for some higher-end shopping, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, and Siam Center are all within 5 minutes of each other.


Lunch should be taken at the foodcourts on the top floor of each mall (or the bottom floor of Paragon). There are a lot of options for under 100 Baht. You can also check out my list of cheap Night Markets in Bangkok.

Return to the BTS after lunch and ride all the way to the ‘Chang Erawan’ station, where you may stroll to the Erawan Museum. It’s lousy marketing to call it a museum. It’s an EPIC GIANT 3-HEADED ELEPHANT STRUCTURE! That’s fantastic! It’s a privately-owned establishment, so it’s a bit pricy at $10, but it’s a pleasant spot, to be honest.

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Now that you’re on this side of town, you may visit Bang Krachao, popularly known as Bangkok’s Green Lung, one of Bangkok’s best-kept secrets. It’s a beautiful suburb that has been preserved as Bangkok’s oxygen-creator (thus the name ‘Green Lung’). You take a 2-minute canal boat ride over the river, then hire a bicycle from one of the many merchants and cycle around the neighborhood. There are a lot of cute hole-in-the-wall coffee shops nearby, but if you’re hungry, the Bangkok Tree House is the greatest snack location. Allow yourself a couple of hours in the Green Lung; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’re coming to the end of your trip to Bangkok for 3 days so you need to take it slow now.


Get back to your room for a quick shower. You’re going to want to cool down. Bangkok’s heat is crazy. Then take the MRT to the ‘Thailand Cultural Centre’ station. You may find the ‘Train Market’ or ‘Talat Rot Fai’ by walking behind the Mall next to it. Every evening from sunset to shortly after midnight, it’s presently on. It can get quite crowded, so take your time and get lost among the countless stalls.

The bars are located on the other side of the market; here is the perfect place to find a table, buy a drink, and then return to the food booths to pick and combine anything you like, then carry it back to the outdoor bar where you got a drink and eat your food there. That’s how it’s usually done. This is about as relaxed as it gets. There’s no dress code, so you know you can chill. Finish up and head to Soi 11 if you want to experience more of Bangkok’s nightlife. If you’re on Soi 11, go to Above Eleven Sky Bar for incredible views.


If you are in the mood for some mongering, head on to Nana Plaza and get into a GoGo bar. You are going to want to save your energy for the girls at these bars. They are going to get you high and dry in record time. I have listed out the best GoGo Bars in Bangkok to check out where you can get the best value for money.

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Day 3 – Bangkok for 3 Days Itinerary


This is the penultimate of your Bangkok for 3 days plan. I hope you don’t drink too much because today, you’re going to Chatuchak Market. Just remember one thing. This market is peculiar. You must manage your own schedule because Chatuchak Market is only open on weekends, so plan your visit on a Saturday or Sunday. It’s the world’s largest weekend market, as well as the world’s largest outdoor market, so anticipate it to be crowded. The quickest way to get here is to take the BTS all the way to Mo Chit station, which is only 5 minutes away.


You’ll be exhausted after this Bangkok itinerary, so take advantage of the easiest portion of your three days in Bangkok today. It’s time for a Thai massage! There are Thai massages available around Chatuchak, but they’re rather average, so if I were you, I’d go back into town for one. The nicest spas are found on Sukhumvit, and the hotels often have the best of them. If massage isn’t your thing, a half-day cookery class is a must-do on your first visit to Thailand! Cooking With Pooh (that’s her name, by the way!) is Thailand’s most famous cooking school, believe it or not. So have a look at that one.


If you’re a movie enthusiast like me, the ideal way to spend your third day afternoon is to go to Central Embassy (BTS station is known as Ploenchit) and head to the top floor where they show great flicks This isn’t inexpensive, but it’s an unforgettable movie experience. It’s incredible. There’s a food buffet beforehand, similar to a business class airline lounge, a butler taking your popcorn and drink orders, a minibar, slippers, someone to take off your shoes and put on said slippers, a bed, and maybe 6 other people in the theatre.


After a long hard day, head on over to Sukhumvit by Taxi. Try to avoid the traffic if you can by using the BTS. Get inside Soi 7/11 and meet a couple of girls at a BJ bar. Check out my list of the Best BJ Bars to know exactly what you can expect.

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Day 4


This might be your last day in Bangkok for 3 days. Do whatever you need to do to make it a night to remember at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium with a night of Muay Thai boxing, gambling, and drinking. There are usually fights on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, so plan your Bangkok itinerary accordingly. It is preferable to purchase your tickets in advance online. The entire evening lasts from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., so you’ll be up for the majority of it. If you have any time left, you should go to Thong Lor and drink a whiskey at the Black Amber Social Club, which I highly recommend. Alternatively, unwind in the Commons or Seen Space.

If you are a monger, I would advise that you don’t get out much on your last day. Try to save your energy. Avoid going to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy and instead order a girl online using the Smooci app. There are a lot of girls to choose from and try to select one that will help you relax. If want to plan a longer holiday than just this Bangkok for 3 days itinerary, reach out to me on Twitter and I can hook you up.

Bangkok for 3 Days - The Best Itinerary for Punters and Mongers! (2024)
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