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When it comes to going on a single men holiday, Southeast Asia is by far the most popular choice for the majority of guys. Whether you’re planning on staying awhile, or passing through, SEA provides numerous options, each with its own uniqueness and things to offer.

I’m sure everyone has their preferences as to their favorite country to visit, and that largely depends on the experiences one has when traveling to any of these places.

For those who haven’t made it over to this part of the world yet, or are simply wondering what’s going on over there, I present to you the 5 best Asian countries for girls and nightlife.

Below is a quick guide to the most important aspects of a country when you’re visiting to meet girls. This is by no means an extensive guide (I have those elsewhere on this site), but merely a brief overview to give you a better idea.

1. Vietnam

Vietnam has certainly been through a lot over the last few decades, but things have been nice and settled for some time now. In many ways, this may very well be the best place to go first, if you’ve never been to Asia.

Ho Chi Minh Cityand Hanoi are two popular spots that are fairly different from each other, yet still offer a seemingly endless nightlife in the heart of bustling urban areas. If that’s not your thing, you can always visit Hoi An for a more relaxed vibe, and a greater sense of allure to locals as a foreigner, or head over to the nearby beach town of Da Nang, another favorite. Regardless of where you go, you’ll experience a unique vibe and atmosphere that’s not nearly as touristy as other countries in the region, some great food, and some amazingly hot (and thin) girls that rival anywhere in the world.

The Nightlife

Cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) have thriving bar and club scenes that stay open all hours of the night. Vietnam as a whole is a little more laid back and conservative, but the night scene here provides a contrast in many ways. While it’s easy to find some seedy back alley clubs, there are a ton of high-end establishments packed with people, including an insane amount of rooftop bars in Saigon. Down in Bui Vien Street, there’s even streetside bars where everyone just sits around and drinks on plastic bar stools, hanging out until the early morning.

The Girls

Vietnamese women are a treasure in every way, lacking many of the annoying stereotypes you’ll find in nearby countries. It’s fairly common for a western dude to visit Vietnam, and fall in love with the women here. They are confident, smart, outwardly conservative, lady-like, and polite, but also incredibly interesting, talkative, fun, and often spontaneous. It’s a dangerous mix. They tend to be on the skinnier side, with surprisingly full figures — all while looking younger than they typically are. There’s also a lot of gold diggers and girls looking for foreign men, which is a major plus. The girls here are a little shy in public, and aren’t as prone to hang out in clubs. Your best bet is a few dinner dates, before finally sealing the deal on the 2nd or 3rd date. Patience!

5 Best Countries for Nightlife & Girls in Asia | Girls Heavens (1)2. Thailand

Thailand doesn’t really need an introduction, at least not on this site. As one of the prime mongering destinations in Asia, there is a lot going on here.

You get the wealth and modern infrastructure of cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, plenty of beaches like in phu*ket or Koh Samui, and beautiful northern cities like Chiang Mai, each of which with infinite nightlife options, and a sh*t ton of girls willing to do pretty much anything for a price. To many guys, it’s a perfect paradise. They may be right.

The Nightlife

There’s almost too much going on here. Whether you’re in Pattaya, phu*ket, the capital city Bangkok, or really anywhere else with a sizable population, you can get lost in the options. Walking Street in Pattaya is famous among the younger crowd, while the depths of Bangkok offer areas like Sukhumvit or Khao San Road, and a newer emphasis on rooftop bars and upscale clubs. Nana, Soi Cowboy and Patpong are where it’s at for more adult-themed fun (= red light areas), and endless bar girls.

The Girls

Thai bar girls are well known for their petite figures, darker skin, and willingness to be down for whatever you want to do. Working girls are all over the place, and know the game well. Everywhere you go in most Thai cities, you’ll find girls available for a price. And while the working girls are plentiful, you can do well using a site like Thai Friendly to find Thai girls for dates, many of whom are intrigued by foreign guys actually looking for a mutual fling, rather than paying for an hour or two with a girl. You’ll find most of them to be pretty forward, honest, and open about things. Don’t expect the foreigner (Farang) factor to work too much in your favor, however, and the girls here are only decent with their English. Still, every guy needs to experience a Thai girl at least once.

3. Cambodia

You may have heard some people describe Cambodia as being like Thailand 30 years ago, and they’re right in several ways. Cambodia is poorer economically, and still dealing with the fallout of some conflicts from years past.

Still, it’s a great place to visit, not as inundated with typical tourists, and still has that familiar tropical feel you find throughout Southeast Asia. It’s also a bit on the wild side, and has the sketchiness you find in some parts of Latin America (without feeling dangerous at all though). So, if you’ve never been to this part of the world, Cambodia probably shouldn’t be your first stop – but it’s definitely a great second or third.

The Nightlife

The nightlife aspect of Cambodia is a bit behind some of the other countries in the region, but it’s still very lively and full of action. In Phnom Penh, you’ll find countless of girly bars in the Riverside area (especially on Street 130 and 136). As for clubs, Pontoon has mostly local girls actually wanting to meet foreign dudes. Temple Club in Siem Reap is very similar in terms of the crowd. Wherever you go, there will be “open-minded” ladies around.

The Girls

Cambodian girls are definitely more reserved, and a little harder to crack. If you’re avoiding working girls, getting a Cambodian girl back to your place will take some work, but it’s worth it. Day gaming is the best way to meet these girls, or online before you arrive. Expect to go to dinner a few times, and maybe a bar if she’s up for it — just don’t expect her to be able to stay the night, as many girls here live with their families until married. Regardless, Cambodian women are essentially a mix of Thai and Chinese, resulting in a unique beauty and demeanor you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia is easily one of the most popular spots for single guys to travel to, and it’s only getting better. Bali and Jakarta are heavens in so many ways, especially since Jakarta is on the up and up in terms of infrastructure and such.

Although this is technically a conservative country on the surface, the girl scene is overflowing, and there are endless clubs, bars, brothels, and anything else you could want. Plus, you get access to incredible beaches, sightseeing, and a ton of unique experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

The Nightlife

Like I said, there is plenty to do here at night. You can stay in one of Jakarta’s red light districts (Jalan Falatehan I, Melawai and Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta), or just stay in a nicer normal part of the city and explore the club and bar scene at night. The girly bars are the best places to go for the most part, as you have a choice of girls to choose from while hanging out in a lower-key atmosphere without all the pushiness. In Jakarta,Moon Riders and D’s Place are good options. If clubs are more your scene,Club 36 and X2 have a lot to offer, and you’ll actually be able to meet local girls willing to go home with you. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of beaches, awesome food and vibrant nightlife, Bali is the way to go, and Sky Garden the best place to meet girls.

The Girls

Indonesian girls are certainly known for their exotic looks and alluring attitudes. In Jakarta, a lot of girls move there to work, so you’ll encounter a lot of non-pro girls that carry themselves in a certain way, while in Bali there are more working ladies. It can be a little hard to just pick up a normal girl at a club, so online dating is definitely recommended. When you do land a non-pro, you’ll find her to be interesting, fluent in English, and very sexual for the most part. It’s awesome.

5. Philippines

One of the easiest places in Asia to have sex with a girl as a foreigner is the Philippines. While this is the most alluring aspect for most guys, the laid back vibe, general safeness, appreciation for western culture (lots of American influence), and the island feel all help to make this one of the top mongering destinations in the world.

There are a ton of bars and clubs in all the major cities and beach spots, but Manila, Angeles and Cebu are among the best places to go.

The Nightlife

Manila is probably the craziest in terms of sheer number of bars and clubs. You’ll find girly bars, go-go bars, standard night clubs, and some seedier spots such as “Lingam massages” as well. There are some western-type places too, and definitely karaoke everywhere. The possibilities are endless. While there are working girls around, you’ll encounter endless Filipinas wanting to meet a foreigner, and lots of guys wanting to be your friend. In places like Manila and Cebu, you’ll see that they rival some of the biggest cities in the world when it comes to the size and niceness of the club. Angeles is basically all about sex tourism, with countless of go go bars, street girls and club freelancers in High Society.

The Girls

This is what it’s all about. The girls here have an exotic Asian look, with lots of curves crammed into their sexy bodies. And that skin – smooth as silk, just like in Thailand. Many Pinays look 10 years younger than they actually are too. Plus, they all know English, keep up with western culture, and are very open towards sex. Whether you’re doing some pipelining online before arriving, or simply meeting girls during the day and at clubs, you’ll clean up if you have any game at all. After a few days here, you’ll see why so many guys make the Philippines part of their regular rotation.

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Everyone has different opinions on where to go in Asia, but it’s hard to go wrong with any of these countries. As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve covered many of these spots on this site, so feel free to get in-depth and see what’s the most appealing for your travels.

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5 Best Countries for Nightlife & Girls in Asia | Girls Heavens (2024)
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