30 Best Valentine's Day Cake Recipes (2024)

These Valentine’s Day cake recipes are a sweet and romantic way to say I love you – whether to your significant other, your friends, or to yourself.

Because the heart wants what the heart wants. And let’s be honest – most of the time, the heart wants cake.

30 Best Valentine's Day Cake Recipes (1)


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30 Swoon-Worthy Valentine’s Day Cakes

This Valentine’s Day, instead of flowers and chocolates, why not treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious, homemade cake?

Make something grand and over the top, or keep it simple and cute.

Either way, these Valentine’s Day cake recipes should give you some inspiration.

1. Hidden Heart Chocolate Loaf Cake

Let’s kick things off with something simple – though it certainly doesn’t look it!

And there is a secret inside this cake – a pink heart in every slice.

It means making two cake batter, then cutting out the hearts. But it’s so worth it when you slice into it!

2. Red Wine Chocolate Cake

From the luxurious chocolate frosting and drip to the bright pink decor, this cake just screams Valentine!

And that’s all before you take a bite.

The sponge is infused with red wine, which really brings out the cocoa. And the pink frosting is actually raspberry, so it’s wonderfully sweet.

3. Red Velvet Cheesecake

This red velvet cheesecake is a romantic twist on the classic recipe.

You’ll add cocoa powder and red food coloring to vanilla cheesecake to create a striking, richly-colored dessert.

And add a tasty Oreo crust for added chocolatey goodness.

Top it off with whipped cream to contrast the bright colors, and it’ll be a hit any day of the week.


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4. Heart Shaped Raspberry Mousse Cakes

Full disclosure: you’ll need special molds to make this mousse cake. There’s just no other way to get that clean shape.

Luckily, they’re pretty inexpensive. And just look at these things! I’d say it’s worth a splurge.

From the fudgy brownie base to the zippy raspberry mousse, they’re romantic, sweet, and super cute.

5. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Heart Cake

If you’re looking for a dessert that really stands out, let this chocolate cake be this year’s showstopper.

You’ll fall in love with this decadent chocolate cake filled with a berry compote and frosted with Swiss buttercream.

And you don’t need to be a pro to get that fun piping on top! Just grab a few different tips and get creative.

6. Strawberry Vanilla Cake

This cake may look plain on the outside, but it hides a secret.

Cut a slice, and you’ll see mini pink hearts baked into the vanilla sponge. What a wonderful surprise!

Frosted in luscious strawberry buttercream, it’s elegant, clean, and fruity. Yum!

7. Kahlua Chocolate Cakes

Need a recipe to feed a crowd? How about these adorable mini bundt cakes?

The chocolate sponge features cocoa, Greek yogurt, espresso, and chopped chocolate that melts into every bite.

But it’s the sweet Kahlua glaze that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Decorate with a couple of chocolate hearts and pink sprinkles, and they’ll be a hit at the party.

8. Vanilla Mini Valentine’s Day Cakes

If you can make a simple vanilla sheet cake and pipe a few blobs of vanilla frosting, you can make these mini heart cakes.

Just cut hearts out of the sheet cake, then line the edges with frosting. Fill with frosting or jam, put another layer on top, and pipe again.

As for the decorations, fresh berries will work well. Or use edible flowers if you can find them.

9. Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Looking to impress a vegan? Try this stunning chocolate and raspberry cake.

Its layers of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake are filled and frosted with silky raspberry frosting.

That’s all finished off with chocolate ganache on top and fresh raspberries for good measure.

A sweet, decadent treat that fits your dietary needs – what more can you ask for?

10. Flourless Chocolate Cake + Mocha Whipped Cream

If your sweetheart eats eggs but can’t take gluten, then I’ve got you covered too!

Flourless chocolate cake is insanely rich and indulgent. It’s beautifully fudgy and loaded with flavor, too.

You’ll love the mocha whipped cream, which calls for espresso powder and cocoa.

Then, add some fresh berries for color and serve.

11. Heart-Shaped Vanilla Cake with Pink Buttercream & Edible Flowers

Want a whimsical way to treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day?

This heart-shaped vanilla cake with pink buttercream and edible flowers is a perfect choice.

It makes for an eye-catching centerpiece on any table. And the melt-in-your-mouth buttercream complements the simplicity of the vanilla cake just right.

Not only does it look elegant, but it’s also simple enough for novice bakers to execute with ease.

12. Valentine’s Bundt Cake

With that bright pink icing, I think this is perfect for kids.

They’ll love the soft cake, sprinkles, and candies in the middle. And you’ll love how quick it is to throw together.

It may not be neat, but it sure is effective.

13. Chocolate Lava Cakes for Two

When all you need is a small something sweet to cap off a romantic meal, you can’t go wrong with chocolate lava cake.

It’s a rich and decadent cake that oozes with molten chocolate when cut into.

Serve this cake fresh from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The added contrast between hot and cold will make it even more enjoyable.

14. Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Cake

Anyone hoping to impress this V-day should check out this quadruple threat cake.

It starts with a layer of tender chocolate cake, over which you’ll spread raspberry frosting.

Next up is a drizzle of ganache, followed by raspberry cake and chocolate buttercream.

Repeat those steps, then cover the whole thing with more frosting.

Trust me, you’ll hear gasps of delight when you cut into it!

15. Truffle-Topped Heart Cake

For the chocolate lover in your life, nothing says “I love you” quite like this heart-shaped chocolate cake.

It’s filled with chocolate and blackberry filling, glazed with chocolate ganache, and topped with homemade chocolate truffles, for good measure.

Who can resist such indulgence? I sure can’t! It’s incredible from top to bottom.

16. Vegan Pink Champagne Cake

Valentine’s Day is kind of a big deal for lovers.

And if you’re planning to pop the question after dinner, might I suggest something extra special for dessert?

Pink Champagne in a cake is just as delicious as it sounds. And that vibrant filling really stands out against the pale pink.

Nestle the ring box on top, and watch your honey’s eyes light up!

17. Glazed Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Looking at the recipe alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s nothing special.

But one look at that picture and I think you’ll see why it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

First of all, the cake is super unique, thanks to the olive oil. And you can use Greek yogurt if you can’t find labneh.

But really, this one is all about the shiny glaze and those delicate dried rose petals.

18. Valentine M&M Cookie Cake

For anyone traveling this V-day, how about a sturdy but scrumptious cookie cake?

I know I’d be thrilled to receive a thick, M&M studded cookie with sweet buttercream and sprinkles.

Bake it in a heart-shaped springform pan and make sure it’s cold before piping.

19. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cheesecake

Silky strawberry cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache is perfect for any romantic dinner.

But when you add chocolate-covered strawberries? Oh man, now we’re talking!

It’s two desserts in one, and I love it!

20. Red Velvet Lava Cakes

Just when you thought those lava cakes above were good…how about a red velvet version?

Sweet and warming, it’s sure to hit the spot with a nice glass of wine.

Top tip: if you want a chocolate filling, add a Lindt chocolate before baking. It’ll melt as the cake bakes and ooze out when you take that first spoonful.

21. Rose and Lemon Layer Cake

I love the pretty pink pastel of this one almost as much as the flavors.

There’s rose and lemon in the frosting and the cake, including rose petals for lovely pops of color.

It’s floral, citrusy, and oh-so-tender.

22. Pound Cake Hearts

The perfect combination of pound cake, whipped cream, and raspberries, this dessert will get your heart pounding with delight!

These cakes aren’t just delicious and gorgeous, they’re also versatile. So feel free to decorate them to your heart’s desire.

Whether topped with fresh fruit, chocolate chips, or even Nutella, you can’t go wrong.

23. Triple Peanut Butter Cake Recipe

This one isn’t pink and cute. But it’ll make any Reese’s lovers swoon.

There’s creamy peanut butter in the cake, filling, and the frosting! And there’s even more in the decorations.

It’s a peanut butter overload, and I can’t get enough!

24. White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

White chocolate and raspberry are a terrific flavor combo.

One is sweet and creamy, while the other is fruity and tart. Together, they make cake magic.

Plus, how fabulous does that bright red look against the white?

25. Red Velvet Cake

You didn’t think I’d do a whole post of Valentine’s Day cakes and not include a red velvet cake, did you?

Soft, crumbly, and infused with a delicate combination of cocoa and vanilla, it’s a surefire winner every time.

The cream cheese frosting adds moisture and a sweet, tangy, and buttery flavor.And I love the contrast in colors, too.

26. Love Letter Cake

This love letter cake is a creative and delicious way to say “I love you”.

And all it takes are a couple of sheet cakes, some frosting, and white fondant.

Make the cakes, fill them, then chill. They’ll be easier to cut when they’re cold. As for the fondant, anybody can cut a rectangle, right?

Easy peasy!

27. Sweetheart Cherry Cake

This sweetheart cherry cake will make your Valentine’s Day celebration even sweeter.

It’s moist and fluffy, with cherry pie filling mixed right into the sponge. So every forkful is insanely tender and fruity.

Add more pie filling to the top, and get ready to dig in!

28. Pink Velvet Cake

A cute variation on red velvet, this pink velvet cake is too cute not to share.

Like its vibrant cousin, it gets its signature hue from a few drops of food coloring.

But you’ll use less, giving it a pleasant rosy shade of pink.

Not only is this cake visually stunning, but its incredibly moist texture and sweet flavor make it a hit.

29. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Icebox Cake

This chocolate-covered strawberry icebox cake is the easiest no-bake dessert you’ll ever make.

It involves chocolate, strawberries, store-bought whipped topping, and cookies. Layer it, chill it, then enjoy.

It couldn’t be more simple.

30. Ferrero Rocher Valentine’s Cake

This Ferrero Rocher Valentine’s cake is sweet, crunchy, nutty, and delightful.

Featuring thin layers of hazelnut sponge cake filled with thick, creamy Nutella mascarpone mousse, it’s very elegant.

Covered with pink icing and finished off with crushed hazelnuts and sprinkles, this is the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat.

30 Best Valentine's Day Cake Recipes (2)

30 Best Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes

These Valentine’s Day cake recipes are a sweet and romantic way to say I love you – whether to your significant other, your friends, or to yourself.


  • Hidden Heart Chocolate Loaf Cake

  • Red Wine Chocolate Cake

  • Red Velvet Cheesecake

  • Heart Shaped Raspberry Mousse Cakes

  • Valentine’s Day Chocolate Heart Cake

  • Strawberry Vanilla Cake

  • Kahlua Chocolate Cakes

  • Vanilla Mini Valentine’s Day Cakes

  • Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cake

  • Flourless Chocolate Cake + Mocha Whipped Cream

  • Heart-Shaped Vanilla Cake with Pink Buttercream & Edible Flowers

  • Valentine’s Bundt Cake

  • Chocolate Lava Cakes for Two

  • Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Cake

  • Truffle-Topped Heart Cake

  • Vegan Pink Champagne Cake

  • Glazed Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

  • Valentine M&M Cookie Cake

  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cheesecake

  • Red Velvet Lava Cakes

  • Rose and Lemon Layer Cake

  • Pound Cake Hearts

  • Triple Peanut Butter Cake Recipe

  • White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

  • Red Velvet Cake

  • Love Letter Cake

  • Sweetheart Cherry Cake

  • Pink Velvet Cake

  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Icebox Cake

  • Ferrero Rocher Valentine’s Cake


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30 Best Valentine's Day Cake Recipes (3)

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30 Best Valentine's Day Cake Recipes (2024)


Which cake is best for Valentine's Day? ›

A classic chocolate cake is always a good idea for Valentine's, but if you want to switch things up a bit, give this white chocolate cake a try. It's soft and layered with a white chocolate mousse, then frosted with a simple cream cheese frosting.

What should I write on a Valentines cake? ›

I love you to the moon and back! You're the cherry on top of my cake! I'm glad I have you to share life's sweetness! Happy Valentine's Day, my sweetie!

What is the Valentine cake pop? ›

A rich chocolate cake coated with chocolaty icing and finished with heart sprinkles—a loving delight for Valentine's Day.

Do we cut cake on Valentine's Day? ›

Celebrating Valentine's Day with cake is not just proper; it's a delightful way to add sweetness to the occasion. Valentine's Day is about expressing love and affection, and what better way to do so than with a delicious cake?

What message to put on a cake? ›

Here are a few simple and meaningful messages you could write on a birthday cake:
  • "Happy Birthday [Name]!"
  • "Celebrating You!"
  • "Another Year of Wonderful You!"
  • "Cheers to Another Trip Around the Sun!"
  • "Wishing You Joy and Cake!"
  • "A Year Older, A Year Wiser!"
  • "Here's to Making Memories!"
Feb 25, 2023

What is a quote for cake? ›

"Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!" - C. JoyBell C.

What is best to write on a cake? ›

Learning to Write on a Cake

Different icing types can also affect your skill at piping letters because you could get better results depending on the texture and flow of icing. Write with melted chocolate, buttercream, royal icing, and gels to discover what you like best.

What is a bomb cake? ›

They are actual miniature flavored cakes. They may look like a bundt, but the texture is much different than a traditional bundt cake.

What is a DQ Cupid cake? ›

The Cupid Cake is a trendy, heart-shaped cake with a base layer of DQ's vanilla soft serve, a center of red velvet cake pieces and cream cheese icing. It's topped with a layer of Red Velvet Cake Blizzard. The cake is "perfectly sized for two" so you can share with your significant other.

What is Valentine's candy? ›

In 1902, the candy hearts evolved into the ones we know today and continue to be made every year from late February to mid-January. During that time, around eight billion — 100,000 pounds — of candy hearts are made, and the entire amount is sold out within six weeks.

Who is supposed to give chocolate on Valentine's Day? ›

This tradition began in 1958, when a Japanese chocolate company proclaimed Valentine's Day "a day for girls to give guys chocolate and tell them that they love them." Today, women often give chocolate not only to the object of their affection, but also to their boss and colleagues at work.

What does giving chocolate on Valentine's Day mean? ›

Why is chocolate given on Valentine's Day? The Mayans were a civilization estimated to have been around during 500 BCE and used cocoa-brewed beverages during wedding rituals to demonstrate the couple's bitter-sweet future together. And this is what has kick-started the tradition of celebrating love with chocolate.

Why is chocolate given on Valentine's Day? ›

It is an edible declaration of love that the recipient will enjoy because: it tastes good. It makes our heart happy. Chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac since the Aztecs, meaning it is said to contain a substance that 'inflames desire and makes the beloved one more open to romance.

What birthday cake is best for February? ›

February Birthday: Cheesecake Layered Red Velvet Cake

A rich, ruby-hued chocolate birthday cake layered with cheesecake and sweet cream cheese frosting will warm the heart of your loved one born in February.

What is the most popular food for Valentine's Day? ›

Chocolate. Chocolate is a foolproof dessert option for any special occasion, and most certainly for Valentine's Day. A bit of history: the timeless classic heart-shaped box of chocolates, one of the most popular Valentine's Day offerings today, originated in Britain in 1868 as Richard Cadbury's initiative.

What is the most popular Valentine's treat? ›

Chocolate covered strawberries are a classic treat on Valentine's Day but the store-bought variety are often pretty expensive. Luckily, they're easy to make at home and you can even get creative with decorating them: sprinkles, chopped nuts, or crushed freeze-dried strawberries!

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